7 Healthy Holiday Habits to Avoid Weight Gain

As a dietitian, I hear a lot of talk about weight gain at this festive time of the year. A quick online search for “holiday weight gain” brought up 2,040,000 results (in 0.60 seconds!). Wowza! What’s the worry? There’s a nasty rumour going around that people gain between five to ten pounds over the holidays. Not so. Research shows that it’s closer to about one to two pounds. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? It’s true that a little extra holiday cheer at a party or two isn’t cause for concern – in fact, it’s an enjoyable part of the holidays; however, if overindulgence occurs for the entire holiday season, and the weight gain sticks, that is cause for concern. If a pound or two of weight gai

Real Food Fuel: Updated Ants on a Log

Apples, peanut butter, pepitas and dried cherries -- this combo is a flavour burst and nourishing post-run fuel all in one super snack. Asid

10 Tips to Survive Holiday Parties: Part 2

In Part 1 of my 10 Tips to Survive Holiday Parties, I gave you strategies to help you navigate a holiday party as a guest. But what if you are the host? I’ve created these final four tips to surviving the holiday party especially for the host with the most: 7. Serve fewer food choices. Studies show that the more choice (flavours, smells and colours) available, the more people will eat, whether they’re hungry or not. So, less variety at a holiday table is actually better. I like to keep my party food choices to a minimum but I make sure they are all scrumptious. I balance healthy with more indulgent foods so there is choice for everyone. And there are always vegetables. At my cookie swap this

10 Tips to Survive Holiday Parties: Part 1

The festive season is in full swing over here. I’ve baked over 10 dozen cookies, hosted a cookie swap, enjoyed a couple of holiday lunches, and have a party coming up on the weekend. And it’s only the first week of December! Without a few strategies in place, festive cheer could quickly squash my healthy habits. Sure, a holiday party or two won’t break your healthy living bank. But, if you’re attending a year’s worth of parties in one month, here are my 10 top tips to help you survive: 1. Eat a little something before you go. If you skip a meal to “save” your appetite for the party, you’ll arrive at the party ravenous. Then you’ll end up eating way more than you’d like. Instead, eat a mini m

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