4 tips to stop stress eating

Do you reach for a sweet treat when you’re stressed? Do you find yourself eating too much and then feeling even more stressed? You’re not alone. Studies show that stress over a long period of time can cause some folks to turn to food for comfort. As you probably can guess, the food most often craved is not broccoli; it’s foods that are high in calories, fat and/or sugar. Think donuts, chocolate, cookies and chips. Eating to comfort stress is called emotional eating. Emotional eating tends to lead to overeating, which not only causes digestive discomfort but also causes more stress and feelings of anxiety and possibly weight gain in the long run. So what do you do? The next time you find your

Don't believe the hype! Separating food facts from fiction.

As a dietitian, I get asked (a lot!) about diets, food facts, food fads and ‘health’ products that promise everything from quick weight loss to boosted brain health, super immunity, anti-aging and muscle strength. There's so much bogus information out there, it's hard to keep up with! So, how can you separate food facts from fiction? For starters... Beware of my ‘red flag’ words. As a dietitian, words that raise a red flag and make me take a second look: detoxify, purify, cleanse and miracle. These are words that are often associated with 'bunk' or junk science. Don’t believe the hype. If a product claims an extraordinary list of conditions it “cures”, it’s a sham. Nothing is a cure-all for

Disclaimer: This website is designed to provide basic nutrition inspiration only and is not meant as a substitute for personal health or nutrition advice from your registered dietitian. 

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