3 Simple Salads with Ontario Asparagus

Ontario Asparagus is only here for May - June, so love it while you can! Try these 3 simple salads; start with Ontario asparagus, add toppin

5 Ways to Love Honey Raspberry Rhubarb Compote

Cover your ears (or eyes since you are reading?) rhubarb lovers. I’m about to make a confession you won’t like. Here goes…when I moved into our current home, I ripped out a giant patch of rhubarb that was taking over a corner of the yard. I swear that the patch was covering about 10 square feet of prime land. I actually had to re-rip it out the next year, because that stuff is really hardy and determined. But, it was the rhubarb or the hot tub and, well, there really was no question of what would win. I know, I know. How was I ever going to make rhubarb pie? Or scones? Or this honey raspberry rhubarb compote? Luckily, my friends down at Picone Fine Food carry some pretty darn good local rhu

Oatmeal Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

This past week I was reviewing the nutritional aspects of a couple of items for the Dish, the Toronto Star column written by health reporter Megan Ogilvie which is starting up again next week after a couple year hiatus. Yay! I'm one of the dietitian experts for the column. I can't share what those items are ahead of time, but I will say, it got me thinking about cookies, which got me thinking about one of my favourite cookies -- oatmeal chocolate chip. I like my oatmeal cookie to be a lot more oat than flour and that’s why I created this recipe; it’s very oat-y! I also replaced butter with canola oil. Yes, you can bake with canola oil! And no, I’m not against butter – in fact I use butter al

Disclaimer: This website is designed to provide basic nutrition inspiration only and is not meant as a substitute for personal health or nutrition advice from your registered dietitian. 

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