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Celebrating Canadian Foods with a Dietitian Kitchen Party!

Have you ever wonder what happens in a dietitian’s kitchen? A whole lot of recipe creation, cooking, baking, and eating! Dietitians love delicious food. As a dietitian and foodie, the kitchen is like my office and play space combined. I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen. Cooking is my creative outlet, my stress-reliever, my boredom-buster and my passion. Crafting and sharing simple, drool-worthy, nutritious food ideas so you can be strong and vibrant seriously stokes me. I’m not alone in the crave-healthy, food-first philosophy. Just in time for Canada Day, the Food & Culinary Network of Dietitians of Canada has created an awesome e-book featuring mouth-watering recipes from culinary dietit

Simple Food: Salad on a Stick

Have you ever been to a summer back yard party and tried eating salad with a plastic fork while balancing a flimsy paper plate on your lap? Not fun! Am I right? Then you’ll appreciate this salad on a stick! Here's why I love Salad on a Stick: They’re super simple to make. The salad sticks can be made the day ahead so, on the day of the party, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your friends. They are totally portable if you need a potluck item to take to someone else’s party. Your guests will think you are brilliant and fun! People love to eat food on a stick. (Why that is, no one knows.) You can choose whatever veggies you like – the combinations are truly endless!

Simple Food: Strawberry, Cucumber and Red Pepper Salad with Maple Drizzle

Looking for a sweet little salad that will knock the socks off your Canada Day barbecue guests? This is it! The crunchy-ness of cucumbers and red pepper works perfectly with the juicy-ness of strawberries, peppery-ness of arugula, bite of the green onion and tang of creamy goat cheese. A little Canadian maple syrup drizzle dressing offers a light hint of sweet that makes this salad sensational. (My husband even comes back for seconds!) I partnered with my friends over at Produce Made Simple to share my salad creation on CHCH Morning Live as part of a segment on Ontario greenhouse veggies for Canada Day; however, this post is not a sponsored one. Strawberry, Cucumber and Red Pepper Salad with

Simple Food: The Must Try Kale Salad

This is the kale salad that made my sister fall in love with kale. Well, at least she fell in love with this salad. If you're not into kale, this salad might just make you a convert too. It is THE Must Try Kale Salad. And what’s not to love? It’s super garlicky with a tasty tang of lemon and a salty bite from the pecorino. Cue the drooling. Nutritionally speaking, kale is packed with nutrients, like vitamin C and beta-carotene, two nutrients that get top billing for protecting your heart. So it's win-win. Except maybe not for the person who gets close to you after you've eaten it. (heck yeah to the garlic breath!). If I want longer lasting salad satisfaction, I pack it with protein by adding