Want to Stay Stronger Longer? Do This!

If there was something you could do to stay strong and slow down the body's aging process, would you do it? UM...is that even a question?! The past few years I've watched a few older adults in my life age and lose their strength in what seems like rapid fashion. Really, it's not rapid, it's just that it seems that way to someone not living with it every day. I've noticed their change in mobility and ability to do daily tasks. The loss of strength impacts their quality of life, dramatically. It makes me really want to fight to stay strong as long as I can. I don't know about you, but I want to be that vibrant lady who's climbing mountains well into old age. I want to live my best life for as

Raspberry Lemon Overnight Oats

With the vibrant pink hue from the raspberries and a tangy little perk from the lemon, this Raspberry Lemon Overnight Oats tastes like sunsh

Dark Chocolate Almond Energy Bites

Power up with these Dark Chocolate Almond Energy Bites. They deliver protein, healthy fats and fibre to help you crush hunger and energize y

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