Dietitian truths: I am not picky. But I am choosy.

REAL talk: the other day someone called me a picky eater. I was gobsmacked. (side note: what a fun word that is!) When I asked them what they meant, they said “well, you only eat healthy food”. Hmmmm... After I got over my incredulity at this judgement, and explained about how all foods fit in my world (just some more often than others) and that I actually eat a wide variety of foods, thank you very much, I got thinking... And you know what? I get what they were saying. I’m not picky. But I AM choosy. I choose to fuel my body with mostly nourishing foods that help me feel my best and promote optimal health. So lots of veggies and fruits, as well as whole grains, nuts, seeds, eggs, yogu

Disclaimer: This website is designed to provide basic nutrition inspiration only and is not meant as a substitute for personal health or nutrition advice from your registered dietitian. 

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