Vibrant Salad With Tangy Chili Vinaigrette

Have you ever had a salad that you just want to DEVOUR day after day? This is one of those salads for me! It's kind of like a fresh spring roll but without the roll. The combo of crunch and all the flavours -- it's like a party in your mouth!! This isn't your typical salad. There's no leafy greens in here (But you could add chopped romaine if you want. I won't stop you.) It's a super summer salad for a potluck, picnic, patio party or packed lunch, because there's no lettuce to go wilt-y. Just let folks drizzle their vinaigrette onto their own salad versus pouring it over the serving bowl. This recipe serves a whole bunch as a side salad or serves four to six as a main meal salad when you top

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