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Disclaimer: This website is designed to provide basic nutrition inspiration only and is not meant as a substitute for personal health or nutrition advice from your registered dietitian. 


 I’m sharing tips and inspirations to nourish your body, stay strong, and live your life vibrantly, as you age. 

January 5, 2018

Restrictive resolutions are punishing and don't work. Instead, stay positive! Build a super diet to power a super you!

August 4, 2017

Planning a last minute road trip? No snacks prepared? No problem! Here are 10 grab and go pre-packaged snacks that are actually good for you!

There’s one thing about road trips and me that drives @DietitiansHusband crazy. Okay, there’s probably more than one thing, but the one thing that bugs him the most is that I can’t go anywhere without snacks. I’m like a professional snack packer.  Truly, it drives him…nuts.

But he sure does appreciate it when we’re five...

Have you ever wonder what happens in a dietitian’s kitchen? A whole lot of recipe creation, cooking, baking, and eating! Dietitians love delicious food.

As a dietitian and foodie, the kitchen is like my office and play space combined. I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen. Cooking is my creative outlet, my stress-reliever, my boredom-buster and my passion. Crafting and sharing simple, drool-worthy, nutritious food ideas so you can be strong and vibrant seriou...

As a dietitian, I get asked (a lot!) about diets, food facts, food fads and ‘health’ products that promise everything from quick weight loss to boosted brain health, super immunity, anti-aging and muscle strength. There's so much bogus information out there, it's hard to keep up with!

So, how can you separate food facts from fiction?

For starters...

Beware of my ‘red flag’ words. As a dietitian, words that raise a red flag and make me take a second look: detox...

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