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About Shannon

Hi, I'm Shannon Crocker.

I’m a registered dietitian and nutrition communications specialist. I promote nourishing foods for energy and best health.

I partner with food and nutrition related businesses and organizations that want to connect with their audiences through credible, engaging communications. I create communication experiences that make messages come alive.

Content Creator. Media Spokesperson. Pub

My Story

My love of good food started when I was 12 years old, gardening with my dad, preserving with my mom, and cooking dinner for my family. About that time I went to 4-H. I remember learning how to make cocktail wieners in grape jelly and thinking, “I love cooking, but seriously, there must be better food than this!”.

Fast forward to University of Guelph, where I was introduced to the nutritional science and health promoting aspects of food. It was there that I realized I didn’t fit into the lab-coat wearing dietitian profession. I was more interested in education, promotion and communication.

I completed my Masters of Science in Applied Human Nutrition and launched my nutrition communications career. I had some pretty amazing jobs where I built my skills in developing creative resources, counseling and workshop facilitation. I took the leap into consulting about 12 years ago and I haven’t looked back.

Today, a big part of my day is spent writing – creating client blogs, developing resources, and crafting web articles. When I’m not writing, I’m talking. I love to talk about food. A lot. I deliver engaging workshops, trainings, and presentations for a variety of audiences. I’m thrilled to be a professor at the Canadian Food & Wine Institute, teaching nutrition to future chefs (how cool is that?!).

As a food and nutrition spokesperson, I have appeared on various media outlets such as Breakfast Television, CH Morning Live, and CTV. I’ve also been featured in videos for food industry clients including Gay Lea, Dairy Farmers of Canada and Turkey Farmers of Canada. And I’m proud to promote my profession as a Nutrition Month Spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada (for 5 years!).

I still love growing my own food and my happy place is in the kitchen. I’m passionate about promoting simple, good food to nourish a healthy, vibrant life at any age.

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