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Public Speaker

When I’m not writing about good food, I’m talking about it! I offer engaging presentations, keynotes, workshops, lunch n’ learns, cooking demos and training sessions for workplace, conferences, and consumer groups. 
Check out these popular topics:


Vibrant Healthy Aging
Do you want to age vibrantly? I’ll share top tips to nourish your body so you can prepare to live your best life as you age.

Energize Your Day
What you eat can influence how you feel and how you preform at work. I offer energizing tips during lunch and learn workshops or corporate wellness events.

Power Up Your Plate
What you put on your plate can help you fuel your active life. I’ll share my top 7 tips to power up your plate.

Little Swaps, Big Payoff
Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean a do-over of your entire way of life. I share how to make small changes to your daily eating routine that can have big results so you can live your best life.

What’s The Deal With What We Eat?
Does coffee cause cancer? Should you be gluten-free? Is fruit fattening? I help make sense of nutrition trends and common questions.

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