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Easy Easter Brunch Menu for Two

If Easter brunch is on your menu and there’s just two of you celebrating, here's a menu that's easy, delicious, nutritious and designed for two. I shared these simple recipes on CHCH Morning Live with my paid partners Canadian Turkey and Canada's Food Island / PEI Potatoes and now I'm sharing them here too.

Grilled Turkey Scallopini with Dijon Sauce

a platter with green beans,cherry tomatoes topped with pieces of grilled turkey. a lemon,knives and forks as well as a bottle of salad dressing are off to the right side.
Grilled Turkey Scallopini

Whole turkey is traditional for Easter brunch celebrations (and you get those leftovers!), but if there are just two of you, then this tasty Turkey Scallopini with Djion Sauce made with Canadian turkey is easy to make but elegant enough for brunch.

Turkey scallopini is thinly sliced turkey breast. So if you can’t find it, or don’t mind slicing, buy a turkey breast and cut it into thin slices (bonus, it's more cost effective that way too!).

The lean grilled turkey is served on a bed of crisp sauteed green beans (from frozen -- just as nutritious as fresh), cherry tomatoes and diced shallots.

Then you drizzle it all with a slightly sweet and tangy dressing made with honey, lemon and Dijon mustard. Divine!

Greek-Inspired Lemon Potato Wedges with Green Goddess Dip

a platter of potato wedges with pieces of lemon and a small dish of green goddess dip. A beige checked napkin and serving spoon are beside the platter.
PEI Lemon Potato Wedges with Green Goddess Dressing

Mashed potatoes are magnificent, but if there’s just two of you, Greek-Inspired Lemon Potato Wedges with Green Goddess Dip are a super choice for Easter Brunch.

Simply drizzle potato wedges with olive oil, season with salt, pepper and oregano and bake until golden brown (just about 30 minutes). Then you toss potatoes with lemon zest and the juice of half a lemon.

These potato wedges are served with a Green Goddess dip made with avocado, Greek yogurt, garlic and parsley – perfect for dipping those lemony potatoes. It's a flavour explosion!

Find the recipe for these lemony taters at Canada's Food Island.

Happy brunching,


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