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  • Lindsay Kastrau #RD2B & Shannon Crocker MSC RD

Simple Nourishing Smoothie Bowls

I make a point of supporting students with a passion for nutrition. From time to time, I’ll feature student guest posts. This post is written by Lindsay Kastrau, #RD2B and a student at Ryerson University. Check out her gorgeous photography on her Instagram account!


These artistic concoctions have become a favourite on the social scene… and all for good reason!

Whether your smoothie creations are breakfast, lunch or even a snack, they are a great way to incorporate some wholesome fruits and vegetables. And the best part is, you can really make it your own!

I like to start with a simple base, so I can load the top with all the goodies. The green goodness in this bowl (and the majority of my smoothie bowls) is a blend of fresh kale, frozen mango and a bit of water! It’s so simple! Whirl in some Greek yogurt, nut butter or cottage cheese for protein.

The trick is the consistency - the goal is to make it thick enough that the toppings will stay afloat… but don’t worry if it’s not perfect - my bowls certainly do not look like this every time!

Once your foundation has been laid, go to town on the toppings! I like to add:

  • Fresh fruit like banana, berries, cherries, figs, kiwi

  • Dried fruits like cranberries, goji berries, goldenberries, raisins and cherries

  • Grains, nuts and seeds for a little crunch (oats, shredded unsweetened coconut, flaxseed, chia, pumpkin seed, hemp seeds, cashews)

  • And of course some chocolate chips (because balance) (and yum!)

Honestly.. smoothie bowls are all about you, the foods you love, and your creativity! Some days my toppings end up in nice, straight lines…but other days, they just get sprinkled all over the top - and that’s okay. The best part about these fun concoctions, is knowing you’ve put some lovin’ into your creation and that you’re getting good, healthful foods that will fuel your body and mind!

What are some of your favourite ways to spice up your creations?

Would you like to see some smoothie bowl inspiration up here on my blog? Maybe some pointers to add protein, fiber and loads of vitamins to your creations?

Comment all things smoothie bowls below!!

Vibrantly Yours,

Lindsay & Shannon

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