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  • Shannon Crocker MSc RD

How to Make Meals Look So Good That You'll Crave Healthy!

Do you remember when healthy food had a bad reputation for being boring and bland? Well no more! Food photography – in particular Instagram food photography – has changed how we view healthy eating.

Healthy foodie photographs showcase vibrant vegetables, brilliant berries, golden toasted nuts, silky yellow egg yolks, creamy white dairy, bright pink salmon, and crisp green herbs. The photos make healthy food look like a work of edible art that make your mouth water.

Healthy looks desirable, cravable, drool-worthy.

What does it mean for healthy eating? That gorgeous plate of healthy food might just inspire you to eat well.

Take this Southwest Power Bowl with Lime Crema I recently created for Gay Lea Foods. Sure, the recipe is pretty darn tasty (said ever so humbly). And it's definitely filled with good-for-you ingredients. But it's the (stunning!) photo by Irene Matys (aka @thespicyolive) that truly makes you want to eat it. NOW!

Because we eat first with our eyes, a few simple styling ideas inspired by Instagram can make every day meals look so good you’ll be craving healthy!

3 Ways to Make Meals Look Mouth-Wateringly Good

1. Veggie Up. Add lots of bright, colourful egetables and fruit to make your meal visually interesting. Power bowls, jam-packed with veggies, are especially eye-catching. Check the hashtag #eattherainbow on Instagram for some veg-spiration.

2. Drizzle. Honey on roasted carrots. Peanut butter on apple slices. A dynamite dressing on a leafy green salad. That little drizzle not only boosts the deliciousness, but there's something about honey slowly sliding off your spoon that makes you want to lick your lips!

3. Accessorize. Consider the colour of your plates and bowls -- choose ones that compliment, not distract, from your food. Use the good cutlery (if you have it) and cloth napkins. I have collected several beautiful pottery bowls from local artisans. I use them every day for breakfast. It starts my day off on a happy note.

Happy, healthy eating my friends!

Vibrantly Yours,


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