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7 Nutrient-Rich foods for the Freezer

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Eating a variety of nutrient rich foods can help you feel energized and can support your immune system so that it stays strong and working at it's best.

So that you can limit trips to the grocery store, have your kitchen stocked with some nutrient-rich ingredients to make easy nourishing meals and snacks.

Get Freezer-Friendly

If you've got a freezer, that appliance is currently your best friend. Seriously, I've never seen so many people stocking up on frozen peas and broccoli. And frozen fruit is one of the hottest items in the grocery stores right now (move over toilet paper and flour!).

I've only got a small freezer, so I have to be very strategic about what I store in it. Right now, I've actually rented out space in my mom's freezer. Well, not I'm truly renting it, but I am using her freezer space and I do pay her back in homemade cookies and meals.

Having some frozen basic foods can help you make nourishing meals.

And pre-made meals that are ready to defrost and eat will be important for days that you're just not feeling being in the kitchen. It can also save time if you cook a double batch of a meal and freeze half for another meal. (although, let's be honest, many of us have more time than ever to cook right now).

I have this strategy in place for cookies -- make a double batch, freeze half. But...cookies don't seem to last that long in the freezer these days (frozen cookies apparently are delicious).

How long can food be stored safely in the freezer?

It depends on the food you're storing. Check out this handy fridge and freezer storage chart by the Government of Canada.

Milk? Can it really be frozen?

Yep! Unopened milk can be frozen in bags for up to 6 weeks. When you take it out of the freezer, defrost it in the fridge (NOT on the counter!). It might be a bit grainy, so just give it a good shake before opening it up. And, if you notice a change in texture, and don't love drinking it, it's perfect for baking, pancakes, smoothies.

Good to know: You can also freeze hard and firm cheeses as well -- just make sure they are sealed up well.

Where to start? Keep a list of what's in your freezer.

Let's face it. Things can get lost in the abyss of the freezer. Keeping a list of what you've got and crossing off what you use is a good way to keep on top of what you've got and what you need.

Before you head to the grocery store, check out my kitchen strategy to help you do an inventory of food you have, make a mini meal plan and write your list.

To help you get your freezer stocked, here are 7 basic, nutrient-rich foods for your freezer. This is what I stock up on -- take what works for you, leave what doesn't.

Stay Well,


an infographic of 7 nutrient-rich freezer foods including frozen vegetables and fruit, edamame, bread, cooked whole grains, lean meat, poultry, fish, milk and ready to go meals.
7 Nutrient-Rich Freezer Foods

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