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Loaded Hummus aka Best Appetizer Ever!

If you're looking for a fabulous appetizer for your holiday party, this is it! It's super simple to make, tastes amazing and it's nutritious. It's a delicious ways to get more pulses (chickpeas in the hummus) and veggies into your life too. And let's face it, we can all use a little more fibre in our lives.

I've made it twice now and received rave reviews.

Here's what you do:

Spread your favourite hummus, fairly thickly, onto a platter. Top it with chopped kalmata olives, roasted red pepper, roasted chickpeas (I use The Good Bean for super crunch), roasted, salted pepitas, and grilled marinated artichokes. I section these toppers out (see the photo) but I guess you could just pile it all on top of the hummus if that's the way you like to roll.

Serve it with thick pieces of fresh, sturdy veggies. Don't go long and thin -- you need space on the veggie to scoop up all the chunky goodness. Whole grain crackers or pretzels are terrific with it too.

Happy Dipping!

Vibrantly Yours,


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