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  • Shannon Crocker MSc RD

Celebrating Canadian Foods with a Dietitian Kitchen Party!

Have you ever wonder what happens in a dietitian’s kitchen? A whole lot of recipe creation, cooking, baking, and eating! Dietitians love delicious food.

As a dietitian and foodie, the kitchen is like my office and play space combined. I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen. Cooking is my creative outlet, my stress-reliever, my boredom-buster and my passion. Crafting and sharing simple, drool-worthy, nutritious food ideas so you can be strong and vibrant seriously stokes me.

I’m not alone in the crave-healthy, food-first philosophy.

Just in time for Canada Day, the Food & Culinary Network of Dietitians of Canada has created an awesome e-book featuring mouth-watering recipes from culinary dietitians across Canada.

Celebrate Canadian Foods, In The Kitchen with Canada’s Dietitians features recipes from a few of Canada’s top culinary dietitians, including moi (she said ever so humbly). My Garlicky Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup is one of the recipes.

A few of my dietitian pal recipes I plan to try right away:

Sounds delish, right?! Download this FREE e-book, get into the kitchen, and join in the celebration of Canadian foods with my dietitian friends and me. And, look for more delectable dietitian creations on social media following #RDkitchenparty.

Vibrantly Yours,


10 Ways Dietitians Help You Get Healthy In the Kitchen.

1. Create drool-worthy easy meal ideas that have you craving healthy.

2. Provide smart swaps to replace highly processed food with real food.

3. Offer tips to help you cook and eat at home more often.

4. Empower you to ditch the diets for better health and happiness.

5. Support you in becoming a mindful eater.

6. Plan nourishing menus that work for you and your family.

7. Offer do’s and don’ts so you can survive picky eaters.

8. Suggest foods to take care of digestive woes to keep your gut happy.

9. Provide powerful food tips to fuel for your active adventures.

10. Teach you cooking skills and provide kitchen hacks that help you kick ass in the kitchen.

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