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Five Tasty Toppers for Grilled Corn

grilled corn on the cob

This post is not sponsored but includes a recipe that I teamed up with Becel to share on TV.

Hallelujah it’s corn season in Ontario! I can eat corn on the cob EVERY. DARN. DAY.

Corn is sweetest when it's first picked -- the sugars convert into starches after it's plucked off the stalks so it's at it's prime sweetness the day it's picked. (Don't get me wrong, it's still super tasty a few days in!) If you are near one, a farm stand is a good bet for the freshest corn.

Deliciously speaking, corn on the cob is crazy good steamed, spread with butter and sprinkled with a little salt. Simple food at it's finest.

Nutritiously speaking, corn is nutrient-rich, meaning it has a whole lot of nutrients for not a lot of calories. One medium cob of corn has about 100 calories, 22 grams of carbs, 4 grams of protein, 3 grams of fibre plus vitamins and minerals (e.g. vitamin C, folate, magnesium) and antioxidants -- specifically lutein and zeaxanthin -- that keep your eyes healthy as you age.

Good to Know: lutein and zeaxanthin are fat soluble, so your body absorbs them better with some fat -- like butter or oil. So adding some butter or oil to your corn is a good thing!

Take your corn to a whole new level: grill it! So. Freakin. Good.

To grill corn, you can husk it and soak it for 30 minutes before grilling, but I skip that process and toss the cobs directly onto the Big Green Egg, basting it regularly with an oil-based seasoning. Choose an oil that can handle higher heat of the BBQ like canola or avocado. Add in seasonings like minced garlic, fresh lime juice and sea salt.

Or, sprinkle, spread or roll seasonings on hot corn as soon as you take it off the grill.

Hot tip: don't use butter on the BBQ -- it's more likely to burn at higher heats so it's best to use butter after grilling.

5 Tasty Toppers for Grilled Corn

1. Limalicious: Spread corn with butter, squeeze on fresh lime juice, sprinkle with sea salt, serve with extra lime wedges

2. Mexican: Spread corn with mayonnaise mixed with feta cheese and a pinch of chili powder, top with fresh cilantro

3. Mediterranean: Brush corn with olive oil mixed with minced garlic, squeeze on fresh lemon juice and top with finely diced parsley

4. Italian: Brush corn with fresh pesto, roll in parmesan cheese

5. Jerk: Spread corn with butter mixed with a bit of jerk seasoning, sprinkled with coconut and sea salt

I teamed up with Becel to share this South Asian Street Corn on CHCH TV (watch here!) and it is AMAZING.

Here’s the recipe. Make extra cobs ‘cause you will love the deliciousness! Trust me. 1/2 cup Becel Avo Plus Oil ™️ 2 tsp sriracha 1 tsp grated ginger 1 clove garlic, minced 1/4 tsp grated lime peel Whisk really well, brush onto husked corn. Put on the hot BBQ and turn several times until corn is cooked and slightly charred (about 15 min). Take corn off the grill, brush with more seasoned oil. Serve with lime wedges and EAT!

Vibrantly Yours,



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