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  • Shannon Crocker MSc RD

3 Awesome Veggie Snacks for Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is here and that means ALL THE SNACKS!!

Spicy wings. Piles of nachos. Chips by the bowlful. Oh, and a lone veggie tray hidden in the corner.

Veggie trays can take a back seat when they're surrounded by more indulgent snacks. And while not every snacking table needs vegetables, as a dietitian, it's my mission to give veggies the super star status they deserve!

I'm here to help you up your snack game with delicious, healthy-ish party-worthy veggies that your guests will love. You're welcome. ;)

3 Super Snacks That Make Veggies the Star of Your Game Day Table

1. Loaded Potato Nachos

I like a good nacho just as much as the next gal. But I find that they are pretty easy to overeat and I don't love that sluggish feeling from eating too many.

So I wanted to create something a little more satisfying for my game day snacking table.

Plus, I like to play around with ways to help folks see that veggies can be mouth-wateringly good.

Potato nachos are a veggie-packed version with black beans, avocado, grape tomatoes, green onion and jalapenos. They are SUPER scrumptious -- just a few and you are satisfied.

And they are pretty simple too! Here's how:

1. Roast slices of potato in canola or olive oil until golden.

2. Add shredded cheese and broil until melt-y.

3. Add your veggie toppings. Easy peasy.

I created a Loaded Potato Nacho recipe for my friends over at Gay Lea Foods. Check it out! (Oh, and I also created a Loaded Sweet Potato Fries recipe for them too, just in case nachos aren't your thing)

2. Crunchy Stuffed Peppers

You know those squishy cream-cheese-y jalapeno pepper poppers? Well, here's a crunchy version that won't leave you with a burning, heavy-feeling tummy.

These crunchy little bites are quick and easy to make. Here's how:

1. Cut mini peppers in half.

2. Spoon in your favourite hummus.

3. Sprinkle on toppings like chopped roasted almonds, sun dried tomatoes, olives, slivered jalapenos, crumbled feta cheese or cilantro.

hummus stuffed peppers

3. Greek Salad on a Stick

Skip the forks and serve Greek Salad on a Stick! Here's how:

On short skewers, layer cherry tomatoes, chunks of feta, chunks of mini cucumber and a kalmata olive. Marinate them in Greek salad dressing in the fridge for at least an hour.

Perfect finger food.

greek salad sticks

Hope your team wins. But if not, at least your snack table will score big points for deliciousness.

Vibrantly Yours,


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